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2011-12-30 15:54:47
I am trying to repair my employers Global Hydronics wood fired boiler.As a professional welder/fabricator of 40 years I have never encountered such poor welding.This unit leaks like a sive.

2011-12-17 12:07:16
Buy stock in JB WELD - it is an epoxy. We have had ours welded but never worked as good as the JB WELD. You can get it at a hardware store. Global hydronics Sucks but we use the JB WELD every year and have been keeping ours going for 9 years. RECORD for Global hydronics.

2011-04-15 12:17:32 has removed the thread viewed over 20,000 times with hundreds of posts from a great many people relating to why I had to spend years and a small fortune fighting Hawken Energy and global Hydronics. This matter is being taken to the media now.

2009-08-13 21:42:35
I am launching a suit against Hawken Energy and Global Hydronics, If my purchase amount is not returned and this leaky box removed from my property. If you have been victimized by these company's go here, register, and P.M. me. You have less than two weeks if interested in joining in a class action lawsuit. HawkenGlobalYUK I.D.

2009-07-27 16:51:37
I had a gl 1000 the first one lasted one season the company replaced it. Bad welds two unlike stainless steel were used the second one lasted almost two seasons till it looked like old faithful They fixed it lasted two weeks. Left it there when i moved would never buy another one.

2009-02-01 16:03:05
We purchased a global hydronics gh2000 four years ago, it leaked from the very start.After contacting the company it was obvious they were not going to do anything to help us.Since then, each year I get the welder out and weld up the leaks(welds are all porous)add a couple of bottles of stop leak and that gets us through till next season.I will not buy anything more from Global Hydronics.Tom S

2008-10-15 19:20:01
Global Hydronics IS JUNK! I would LOVE to be involved in a class action suit. Please contact me at jldewulf@yahoo.

2008-09-23 11:10:19
Bad furnace! I bought a Global Hydronic outdoor wood furnace 3 years ago, and all I have been doing last winter is add water to it every other day. I have been checking the PH of the water every other week and it is leaking every where there is a weld. They do not stand behind their product whatsoever, and on top of that they are telling me it is my fault. If they don't compensate me for taking advantage of me, I will organize a class action to sue these crooks. If I can be of any help to somebody trying to sue them, feel free to contact me at

2008-09-16 19:05:13
Junk stove/spent $6000 leaked after 3 years Warranty is none. G-H Rep Stated Unit not registered NO WARRANTY. I have a bill of sale and litature of 25 year warranty. OTHER Customers have had stoves replaced with no charges WHY all the hassle? Time has come to inform the U.S. Attorney General about this JUNK comming into our country and get these people stopped from selling JUNK in our country. I urge all of you potential buyers to stop and buy from a dependable Company Here in the USA.
With a WARRANTY you can count on. Contact your local better business people and ask questions Who to buy from

2008-09-09 18:28:48
Global Hydronics is a horrible company. They're manufacturing is absurd. They should be forced to close the doors to their business.

Stove had leaks upon leaks, had a welder come weld it, and filled it back up, only to have more leaks!!


2008-06-03 15:24:04
purchased a gh2000 made it 4 seasons
the 20 year warrenty is worthless.the
welds leak.emailed them they claimed it wasnt registered and the warrenty was void. it was sent in

2008-04-30 20:06:37
This company SUCKS! I am on my second unit. The first one was replaced because of leaks. The second unit started leaking with-in 30 days of use. The company also told me to send this unit to them in Canada and they will decide if they will repair it under warranty? North Land Distributing is also a waste of time. It's too bad there are such worthless companies around. DON'T DO BUSNIESS WITH THESE COMPANIES. YOU'LL BE SORRY!

2008-04-25 14:02:30
I purchase a global hydronics boiler less than 3 years ago. The boiler has started to leak and has polluted my $900.00 antifreeze as well as destroying 3 pumps at a cost of $250.00 cdn each. Global is offering me $300.00 to have the boiler welded or I can choose to send it back at my cost approx. $1000.00 shipping to be repaired at their site. I would cautian anyone from dealing with this company and their inferior products. As well the customer service was terrible they could have cared less about my problems.

2008-01-03 19:27:27
leaks terrible will send back to Canada 3 years old what a shame

2008-01-03 19:02:31
Global Hydronics produces a very poor product. 20 year warranty covers only the welds on the furnance. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE. Keep in mind it's at your cost to sent the unit back to their manufacturing location in Canada. I Purchased a unit 3 years ago. I'm currently having the unit fixed. Two 8 inch sections of the welds rusted out. Global will only cover $400.00 towards the welds. No customer support. Do not purchase a unit that is manufactured by Global Hydronics. Save yourself alot of time and money and look to purchase from another company.

2007-12-27 14:11:32
My global is all rotted out and only 3 years old,called the warrenty department and beleive me they just laugh. "WE ONLY WARRENTY OUR WORKMANSHIP NOT THE METAL" feel free to contact me at

2007-12-12 06:25:32

2007-12-11 11:17:46
I had there boiler for two years before it cracked. All you get is an excuse and an address that you can ship the boiler to. Almost two months ago i did ship it back and havent heard from them since. Right now i would disown a family member for buying a stove from them.

2007-11-07 16:31:44
I have purchased a global hydronics stove two years ago and it has started leaking we have took the pictures they requested and sent them to them and they are telling us we have to ship our stove to canada to have it fixed at our exspense or get a weilder to weild it and they will pay up to $400 i don't think this is going to fix the problem and have asked them to send us a replacement part since we have only had it two years and the warranty said they cover it 100% the first 5 years,and i am having trouble getting a hold of them to solve the problem.

2007-08-29 12:22:36
good design bad company. stainless welded with regular rod no wonder it leaks. Try to get help from them if you have a leak lol. They used to make pacific westerns but they have parted ways. To many leaks I bet

2007-08-05 17:40:59
way to many leaks around welds.

2007-03-31 05:19:56
great furnace but they have had a lot of furnaces to fail they do back up there warrenty they make the Free Heat Machine furnace

2006-11-26 09:57:18
We have had our GH2000 for two years, and just love it. We looked as several different manufactures before selecting Global Hydronics. Our large house is kept at a constant 74 in the winter, without a problem. We also have the hot water heater hooked up to it in the winter. It is easy to use, efficient, and we have not had a problem with it at all.

The only thing we would change on it is the ash pan. It would be easier to have a removable ash pan. We highly recommend the GH2000.

2006-06-20 11:50:12
Great stove and quite economical to operate, however not that many dealers around to help you

2006-06-03 04:20:47
you are such a blow hard. Please just shut up.

2006-04-20 06:58:25
Another round firebox surrounded by water design. Give it a miss, there is no way this unit will burn clean and efficiently.


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