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2012-04-19 13:59:20
We have an E-Classic that has not even been in service for a whole season. We loved it while it ran, but in Feb 2012, it developed pin holes in the jacket coolant liner and drained out all of the water. The dealer had a certified welder come to repair it, and the welder said it was the cheapest metal he had seen in 25 years. The repairs did not work. The dealer had the boiler sent back to CB and it has been decided by CB on April 19, 2012, that they will send us a refurbished unit for $4600. So much for their 25 year warranty!!! They will not get any more of my money. They are claiming that it was not taken care of. We had a brick building built around the boiler to keep it out of the elements. How does that constitute us not taking care of it? The employees at CB are also very RUDE and they act like you don't know anything about the boilers. My dealer is not very happy with CB on this issue.

2012-01-10 07:10:25
We was very happy with our 5648 for 8 years than the rust started eaten it away, stupid design for the chemney just stupid , and the company got to know it by now.we bought ours in 2002. now it is not useable, ,why would they make something that would channel the rain inside the unit.we had it fixed the first time in 2010 the back side of the stove had to be patched because water ran down the inside from chemney.got one more year out of it then a rust hole opened up at water jacket near the chemney where we can not get to with out cutting the unit completly apart, The company's gotta know that this was a problem, I think thats why they started useing stainless back there, at first I would have given central boiler a rating of 5 but now a 1 maybe not even that I am not happy.Mater a fact its cold in my house right now. we spent over 8000.00 on the stove that was with every thing to get it going, now its 8300.00 just for the stove. this realy sucks guys

2011-12-06 08:47:11
I have a CB. It has been very efficient so far. I've had it for 3 winters. I had an Empire and a Crown Royal prior to this CB. Each I had used for 3 years and had so many issues that I had to get rid of them (no dealer or factory help whatsoever). I had talked with Central Boiler owners and they all seemed to be very satisfied. I have a natural draft and prefer this over forced draft systems. It seems to burn much less wood. I heat 2 stories in my home, a shop and domestic water with 12 loggers cord of wood per season. With the other stoves I was using 20 plus cords. The insulation failed(sagged) on the other stoves which was not good. I would give the Central Boiler a thumbs up.

2011-08-17 09:31:51
Our dealer never read the CB bulletins that were sent to him. Therefore, we never new about the upgrades. The Maxim M250 pellet stove is junk and overpriced. Constantly being upgraded. It should have been tested before being sold. It was not uncommon for CB to take 2 weeks to get a part sent out and another week for the dealer to finally get around to us. That's 3 weeks of no heat in Wisconsin!

2011-07-05 10:12:28
I own a Central Boiler model# 6048. I'm beginning to doubt Central Boiler's famed warranty. I'm still waiting for them to honor their warranty on a faulty heat exchanger that they sold me. I've been working on getting this problem resolved with them for over a month now. Due to the lack of any response from both Central Boiler and their distributor D&R Country Designs, I plan on contacting the owner of Central Boiler to ask for his help with this issue. I'll keep you posted with any new developments.

2009-02-15 15:55:27
My family has owned and operated our Central Boiler for three seasons now. I can't say enought about it. I have a 2100sq ft home and a one hundred foot row 5ft highof logs averaging 3ft long and 6in in dia keep us warm from Oct to April. When the wood is seasoned the smoke is reduced immensely. I'm not sure what those people who don't like it were expecting. Their site never says there is no smoke so if you want a double burn system, then buy on in the first place. I bought a larger unit than we needed to have the option of having two more outlets to a greenhouse and hot tub. Even with the 10 grand cost, it will have paid for itself in 10 years with 15 year still left on the warranty. Rust?! What are you doing to the thing? When I called several other wood burner suppliers they all said the same thing. You will burn 50% more wood with their product. Well, I won't be thirty something forever. I'd rather pay more for a higher quality product. A circular combustion chamber is bigger? You lose significant surface area with a circular chamber. You also concentrate the ashes in a smaller area.

2007-12-08 10:55:57
My classic is working 24/7 from last 3 years.
The temperature computer had to be replace.(under warranty)
Lot of smoke. Bad efficiency, I burn around a cord a week in cold winter. Plan to switch to something more efficient unfortunately hard to find something over 500 KBtu at reasonable price with gas backup. Plan to try to put a draft fan (optional) to see if reduce smoke improving efficiency, but I'm worried about have problem with the firebox :-(

2007-11-15 00:42:37
Junk? You have to wonder who is writing some of these "anynymous" reviews. CB makes one of the best OWBs out there. I looked at most of them. We installed the smallest available CB Classic 2 years ago here and have been very happy with it. Dealer was great. Factory tech support was great. It works great. Controller konked out last year in the off season; they replaced it free. No cracks, no rust, no problems. Wood recommend one.

2007-08-29 12:30:57
where do I start? Overpriced junk. I owned a classic it rusted out like an old burn barrel. Yes they have nice color brochures . If you buy anything other than stainless you are throwing money away. And its square? Round is the time tested way to go. Less seems even temp etc. No power draft? I have seen the foam insulation catch fire and burn. (not mine) Don't fall for the hype.

2007-06-26 11:31:59
Great experience, great stove, cut my heating bill to almost nothing. I had good luck with my dealer.

2006-09-19 08:54:50
I installed a Central Boiler in 1994, it has always worked great and dealing with the company has always been very easy.

2006-07-19 12:53:40
To bad tought units to purchase. I know many people who have had some issues with these units and the people.

2006-04-07 06:34:13
Stove developed a crack and it took 6 months to get someone out to look at it, then they said I ran it out of water.

2006-03-17 20:00:49
Very un friendly people hard to talk to

2006-03-17 16:48:56
I've owned the Central Boiler "Classic" since 2000. As shipped, the unit is horrible. Only 22% net delivered efficiency and it smoked most of the time, even with dry wood. Like most outdoor boiler designs, the company was trying to maximize heat transfer, but gave no thought to the combustion process. After that first winter, I decided to void my warranty in the interest of science, and I modifed the boiler by adding firebrick and a secondary combustion chamber. The improvement was dramatic! The net efficiency is at least 48% and best of all no visible smoke once all the wood has caught, as long as it is well seasoned wood.

So I give this unit a 2 out of 5, since it can be made to work well, but one shouldn't have to rebuild a product to get satisfactory results.


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