Wood Boilers from Alternate Heating Systems, Inc.

Wood Boilers from Alternate Heating Systems, Inc.

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2009-02-27 08:07:40
This is my experiences with Central Boiler E-Classic Wood furnace

I purchased in November of 2008 I have the duel fuel wood and propane.
When I originally ordered it I requested it with 1-1/4 pex tubing and everything I might
need to install it which would include all fittings heat exchangers clamps manifolds and whatever.
I ordered it from a company in Mass that did not know how to install it nor what was involved in installing it
I went with them only because of the service and the attitude of the people and willingness to work with me.
First off I need to order some eight 90 deg elbows for the pex. I called Central Boiler to check availability and was told they had them
as I wanted them overnighted to me I had explained to the parts guy that I had hired people to help me, he explained to me that
I would have to get my supplier to order them and he would ship directly to me. I contacted my supplier and they order them at once
I then called Central Boiler to make sure and they confirmed to me the supplier had done so and the parts were going out overnight to me they would not take my UPS number for some reason that nobody would share with me but so be it.
The next day at 12:00 est I called Central Boiler and talked to the same parts guy and he assured me that they shipped absolutely I asked for the shipping number and I was told that he will have to get and call me back.
The next day I called Central Boiler still looking for the shipping number and was told that they only had 2 elbows so they didn't ship anything when I asked why I was assured that they shipped all I got was a "I don't know"
I was a little pissed at this time however I maintain my composure thank the guy and hung up. After a short while I again called Central Boiler and inquired where I might find some and was told the supplier was out of stock.
Then I inquired about anyone in North America that might have stock and was told that they would check and call me back shortly. Two days later I called Central Boiler and inquired about where I could get them and was told nobody had them
I asked about why I didn't get a phone call and got the "I don't know " again. I explained to them that it was probably my fault for excepting a call back the same day obviously when they say I will get a call back shortly they really mean when ever they dam well feel like it if at all.
There is no difference to whom you speak with at Central Boiler you get the same service. After calling them 11 times only one person had the decency to call me back when they said they would.
Well I finally got the system running and seems to be working, I missed placed my manual and
on 2/13/2009 I had a friend over who is an expert on wood heat and wood processing he had indicated that the reaction chamber should have fire brick all around so I called Central Boiled again and talked to a different guy and asked him if it was supposed to have the fire brick on both sides
of the chamber he did his best to dance around the question and I had to make it simple enough so he could only answer yes or no guess what............... he said he would call me back (right) before he hung up I asked about another manual he couldn't email it to me he said that they don't email it because they don't want it on on the web but said that he would mail
one out to me that day.On 2/20/2008 in the morning EST I called and tried to talk to the president of Central Boiler when the receptionists asked who is calling I said"If I tell you I'm a customer do I get to talk to him?" I was then told that he doesn't talk to customers. and asked if I wanted to talk to some else I said no only the president! and I asked to talk to him again and all of a sudden he wasn't in I then asked for his voice mail
She said ok and put me on hold and gave me to someone else. The first thing I ask this guy was what is the president name and he told me it was Dennis Brazier I then proceeded to tell him my experience with the courtesy I get with Central Boiler and that the week before I was told I was getting a manual and a call back about the fire brick he said he would get the guy I talked to the previous week on the phone I then asked him for the president name just to see what would happen and he told me that he was not allowed to give it out.(so if they think you are a happy customer you get the president name if they think you are a unhappy customer they are not allow to give it out) After being put on hold for a couple of minuets I get the guy I had talked to on 2/13/2009
and asked about my call back and he said what call I then explained to him what had transpired the week before and he absolutely assured me that he send out the manual and that he would send out the missing fire brick and another manual that day before I hung up with him I asked him who the president of Central Boiler was and he said he was not allowed to give it out. I couldn't believe the crap I was getting so I asked to have a courtesy call from the president of Central Boiler on Monday. I then called back just to see if the receptionist would give it to even though I had already had it and she gave it to me without thinking twice. Well they sent out the manual that was promised to go out on 2/13/2009 on 2/23/2009
I have been in business for my self most of my life,I am the owned of a multi million dollar corporation I built from the ground up I have never done a blog before I went on line today to learn how to do it. I don't understand how an entity like Central Boiled obviously don't care or give a dam about their customers
I can't believe that every person I have talked to at Central Boiler has lied to me from the start.
I am going to buy two more wood furnaces both for my shops only bigger as we seem to have an unlimited supply of wood I would go back to the distributor because they are trust worthy and pleasant to work with I will not buy another Central Boiler product. Should you decide to go with Central Boiler and need to call them buyer be ware.

2007-09-27 12:04:27
Looks nice. But all the parts are crazy. Wood is cheap here. Why pay some much more for one thats uses less wood?? If you put a pencil to it the intrest will more than pay for the extra wood. Simple is the way to go. I saw an ad for an Elite gasification type furnace way cheaper, less parts. Seems like it was made in thunder bay sorry can't recall.


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